Tuesday, 27 May 2008


Winchester is a city in Hampshire, in southern England, one hour by train from Waterloo rail station of London. It is one of the most historic cities of England as it used to be tha capital of Wessex and England for some time before London.
It is very famous mainly for two things. For its Cathedral, which is the longest Medieval Cathedral in Europe and for the King Arthur's Round Table in the Great Hall! More posts to follow about these!
Let's see some photos of the centre of the city.
The Westgate is one of the first things you see coming from the rail station.
The Winchester Westgate

The High Street, which after a while becomes a pedestrian road.
Winchester High Street

Winchester High Street
The statue of King Alfred the Great, who reigned the Anglo-Saxonic kingdom of Wessex in 9th century. He is the only English King with the epithet "the Great".
King Alfred the Great statue

The river Itchen.
River Itchen
More posts to follow about Winchester's Round Table and Winchester Cathedral.
Some useful links for the visitor:
Visitwinchester.co.uk - The official tourist information website of Winchester.
Map of Winchester - From the tourist information website.
Winchester-cathedral.org.uk - Winchester Cathedral's website with tourist information.
Hantsnet.gov.uk - Hampshire County Council's webpage for the Great Hall.
Southwestrains.co.uk - South West Trains webpage, with information about trains and ticket prices to Winchester.

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