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The town of Cambridge is 80 km north-east of London, in the county of Cambridgeshire, and the trip by train from King's Cross station lasts roughly for 1 hour. Trains are quite often, 2-3 per hour and the ticket is not much, a return ticket booked the same day will cost you around ₤18-19.

Cambridge is world-wide known for its University. Built in 1209, it now has 31 colleges and it is consistently ranked in the world's top 5 universities.

Punting in the river Cam is a very famous activity in Cambridge. You can hire a boat with a punter, or you can punt yourself, if you dare! The river gets quite busy so be aware of... collisions and keep your hands inside!

Punting at River Cam

Punting at River Cam

Bicycles are widely used by students and residents. The photo is taken in the rail station cycle parking.


In the centre of the town you find the Great St Mary church...

Great St Mary's

... and the market place just in front of it.

Market Place

King's College is one of the most famous colleges of Cambridge University.

King's College

King's College Chapel is also one of town's landmarks. You can visit both King's College and its Chapel, but it's better visiting the colleges website (see below) because during some periods (eg. exam period) it's closed to tourists. The admission ticket costs around ₤5.

King's College Chapel

Clare College is just next to King's...

Clare College

... and I strongly recommend visiting its gardens, for a ticket of just ₤2!

Clare College's gardens

Clare College's gardens

Clare College's gardens

Clare College's gardens

The round church of Holy Sepulchre.

Holy Sepulchre (Round Church)

The Eagle Pub is also well known. It sports a so-called RAF bar, whose ceiling is full of graffiti dated back to World War II, from soldiers of RAF and USA Air Force. It is also said that it's the pub where Francis Crick and James Watson announced the discovery of the secret of life, ie the structure of DNA!

Eagle Pub ceiling

Useful links - The official tourism website for Cambridge, UK, for information and maps.
Cambridge in Wikipedia. - The website of University of Cambridge. - King's College website with opening times and tourist information.
Free audio walking tours of Cambridge.
A city centre map, from the official tourism website [pdf].

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